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Here is what I’ve been loving lately!

Fancy Favorite #1 – Too Faced Natural Smokey Eye Palette

It dawned on me last week that I have neglected this wonderful palette since I bought the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, and that made me so sad! I had to make things right and I’ve been using it daily now.

I love, LOVE (LOVE) shimmery eyeshadow for anytime of day. Some people might disagree with me, but I always think that a glowing eyelid base that is muted by matte colors in the crease and outer corner is the way to go. This palette is great because its organized by looks. Being me, I totally disregard that and just pull from all angles.

What I use in my every day look:
Heaven (highlight)
Silk Teddy (lid)
Push Up (crease and outer corner)
Sexspresso (outer corner and top and bottom liner)

Fancy Favorite #2 – My Thesaurus
Because of the abundant amount of emails and letters I have been sending to reach out to people I have met on my job hunt, I’ve been using this a lot more than in the past. My mother purchased this for me not too long ago, and I used it throughout college (let’s be serious, Word’s thesaurus is severely limited). Now I cannot be without it! Want to know how much of a dork I am? I spent this morning flipping through it while eating my breakfast. You can never know too many words, especially when you are a scrabble nut like me. I think every person should have a hard copy thesaurus. I am on the hunt for a children’s one to get for my niece, though I think I have some time since she just celebrated her 1st birthday a month ago. But you can never start too early…

Fancy Favorite #3 – The Face Shop Dewy Flower Moisturizing Toner
I have been using this product for about two months now and my skin has never been happier! I actually picked this up in Jordan this summer and did not expect to love it so much, so I was happy to see that The Face Shop has numerous locations in the States, including in NYC! My skin tends to be more dry than oily, and I use this after every time I wash my face or take a shower. My face, I have to say, has been much more hydrated, softer and more dewy looking since I got my hands on this toner!

I also picked up a bunch of other products from The Face Shop which I will be reviewing in the future. So far so good, but I like to use products on a regular basis before judging them on an open forum.

Fancy Favorite #4 – House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Pendant Necklace

I saw this necklace at Nordstrom a few months ago and fell in love with it! I could never bring myself to buy it for me, but I have been eying it on shopbop for a while. My loving and adorable boyfriend got it for me a few weeks ago and I find it difficult to take off! The chain is so soft and delicate, and the pendant is out of this world. The center is actual leather and the pendant is gold-plated. You can wear this any time, with a T-shirt or a dress. It definitely is one of my favorite pieces!

Fancy Favorite #5 – Kusmi Tea

Now maybe this should just be a plain old boring tea favorite, but I have to give a huge shout of to Kusmi Tea! They must have opened when I was in Jordan, but last week I stumbled upon their store on 3rd avenue in NYC and spent way too much time (and money!) there. I have been on a tea kick lately, and this place has tons of fragrant, delicious ones to choose from! Also, how adorable is their branding? Have any of you heard of them before? Am I late on this? I know they are an international brand, but it looks like you can order all of their blends online which is great. Also they have adorable tea hardware…strainers, tea pots, cups, etc. This store is definitely going to be on my list to hit up for the holiday season for friends and family!